If you have been contemplating hair replacement surgery, optimized results from the procedure are on your mind. Your goal of achieving the best results can only be possible when you take special care and adhere to post operative instructions, as suggested by the surgeon or medical professionals is important.  Usually the surgeon informs you about the special care that you’ll need to take after the hair replacement procedure for better hair growth is completed.

Scalp care after the surgery for hair replacement – One of the most important aspects of after surgery care is to be gentle with the scalp and rest the head of soft pillows. In most cases, pain medication is prescribed initially to aid sleeping, as pain is relatively high. After replacement surgery, there is a headband is placed to ensure that the transplanted hair is protected but can be removed in the morning.

The immediate after-care of replacement surgery requires washing or cleaning your hair that has been transplanted, every 4 hours on the first day, but not after that. The surgeon will provide you with specific instructions on cleaning and maintaining new hair as the healing and hair growth progresses. Usually after the first day, washing your hair twice is the norm. You will be given the shampoo by your surgeon to wash the scalp where the transplants were done for effective cleaning. [click to continue…]

With technological advancements in the hair replacement industry, more than a million people benefit each year from the innovative ways and surgical means. Hair transplantation techniques involve restoring hair that individuals may have lost due to medicines, diseases and hereditary reasons. Though there are numerous ways of replacing lost hair, surgically there are only a few options available.

Follicle Grafting: One of the most common ways to re-grow hair is through grafting. Tiny hair follicles are re-planted after being surgically moved from the area where healthy follicles are harvested and transplanted to the hairline and later filled-in the scalp area.

Skin flap surgery: Flap surgery as a hair replacement method is popular. In this procedure the surgeon takes donor tissue or flaps of hair follicles and transplants it over the scalp to restore natural hair growth. The balding skin on the scalp is removed and the donor skin with hair follicles is transplanted. These transplanted flaps of skin with hair follicles ensure that they grow naturally and fill in for lush hair growth.  After the attaching of the skin is completed the surgeon uses microsurgical techniques to connect the skin with the blood vessels. This completes the hair replacement procedure. [click to continue…]

bald womanHair loss can be a very emotionally draining and stressful experience, especially for women.  It can take a serious toll on her, her family and her social life.  However, many women today have now turned to hair replacement procedures as a viable option and becoming increasingly more popular among female circles.  Replacement can oftentimes be accomplished with non-surgically means, but the most effective types of hair replacement methods are still surgical.

Before you take any measures or steps though, you the treatable causes of hair loss that may exist need to be eliminated first.  As an example, Alopecia among women can be caused by numerous factors [click to continue…]

There are a number of things that you will need to consider when you are selecting the right hair replacement procedure when you are attempting to correct ongoing hair loss.  What you want to remember first and foremost is that you should make every effort possible to find a replacement procedure that targets your personal needs.  If the hair replacement procedure is performed correctly, it will be difficult for others to see that you have had this procedure done as it should be unnoticeable.  Consider the following suggestions when you are deciding on the best procedure to have done.

Only a handful of these surgeons today perform work that is state of the art

There is a simple reason for this.  Extremely high levels of skill and years of experience are required with the more advanced types of hair transplant methods and replacement procedures.  Their staff members are also required to invest a great deal of their time.  In so many words, a more dedicated, larger, professionally trained staff is required to ensure [click to continue…]

natural hair replacementHair replacement is no longer considered to be space age technology.  In fact, hair transplant surgery was originally performed over 70 years ago, the replacement procedure being developed and pioneered by Okuda, a Japanese dermatologist.  Oddly enough, and despite the different surgical procedures that are being performed today, there are natural hair replacement products that are available on the market today.  Read the following before you invest in any of them.

Watch out for false claims

With all the natural hair replacement products that are currently available, every one of them is going to claim to be better than the competition.  The truth of the matter is that very few of these products deliver the results they advertise and promise.  Make a list of the ingredients in the products that you are considering purchasing and then research those ingredients so you can see how effective they are.  You’re going to be surprised when you find out [click to continue…]

Hair replacement surgery has become a popular and universally accepted procedure for correcting lost or thinning hair in women.  Although this procedure was originally developed for the replacement of hair in men, women have now realized that hair replacement procedures can be beneficial for them, also.  So at what point in time should a woman consider this option to correct the condition they are experiencing? There are a lot of factors that enter the equation.

Women are typically much more proactive about these than men and suffer emotionally from society’s harsh judgmental attitude about personal appearance, especially with women.  Additionally, most women are intolerant about losing their hair.  Her scalp is one of the most critical components of the image that she projects whenever they are interacting with others.  The last thing they want is for this to detract from their appearance and image.  So they oftentimes turn to having hair replacement surgery as the best option to correct their situation.

What you want to remember first and foremost is that hair loss not necessarily a sign of aging or experiencing menopause.  There are women in their 20’s and 30’s that are currently enduring the emotional and psychological pain of this issue.  In fact, a number of studies have revealed that 80% of women who are currently suffering with hair loss or thinning began experiencing the condition long before [click to continue…]

long hairOver the past 20 or 30 years, hair replacement surgery or hair transplantation have become the most popular treatment for women who are searching for the best replacement procedure to replace their lost or thinning hair.  Because of the pressure society has placed on one’s appearance, women are more proactive about this issue then men are.  Another primary benefit for women is that a hair replacement procedure enables them to feel good about themselves and have better self esteem.

“Is hair replacement surgery the best option for women?” Typically, loss or thinning of hair is only experienced by older women who are going through menopause.  However, it can occur earlier in life due to genetic reasons.  In fact, it is not unusual to see some women in their 20’s and 30’s who are experiencing this emotional issue.  Women of all ages who are dealing with hair loss are turning to replacement procedures as the best option available for correcting the issue.

But is it the best option? This normally depends on the extent to which hair loss has progressed.  In many cases, your family physician [click to continue…]

Whenever you are considering having hair replacement surgery performed, you should do plenty of research about it and prepare a number of questions that you should ask the surgeon before agreeing to have the procedure performed.  Replacement surgery is an extremely effective and very popular option for correcting hair loss.  The hair replacement procedure is basically cosmetic in nature and the results will be viewable by others if you are out in public or in mixed company.

Most importantly, whenever you are trying to decide on a hair replacement procedure and are discussing consulting with the surgeon who performs it, be sure that you realize that your questions are unimportant or that you will be embarrassed.  Remember that this is your hair and scalp that you are attempting enhance with this particular surgical procedure.  Never feel intimidated about this when discussing the issue.  Being able to anticipate [click to continue…]

hair replacement technologyFor centuries, men and women alike have been concerned about their appearance.  It shouldn’t be surprising then why hair replacement procedures and techniques have become so popular.  Hair loss is a very real issue and a constant cause for individuals pursuing replacement procedures and surgeries to correct the issue.  Interestingly enough, hair replacement was not welcomed with open arms when the surgeries and techniques were first introduced to society.

Hair replacement surgeries and techniques were considered barbaric in nature in the beginning.  Thankfully, this is no longer the case today.  With the advancements and innovations that have evolved in the industry over the past few decades, many people who have undergone these procedures can now see their old selves when looking in the mirror.  Not only is this a physical enhancement for the individual who has been suffering with hair loss, it is also emotionally beneficial.

Today, there are millions of success stories involving those individuals who [click to continue…]

One of the key benefits to any hair replacement surgery is that you not only are able to restore the natural look of your scalp, you also benefit from far reaching aesthetic benefits.  Losing one’s hair creates emotional and psychological issues for the person, not just the obvious physical ones so replacement surgeries help to correct these issues as well.  The reality is that we are a nation that can harshly judge people based on their appearance and hair replacement help individuals to overcome this.

You can carry the above a step further whenever and apply the implications to men or women who are currently searching for their career job and are losing their hair.  Granted, hiring managers or human resource individuals should consider the skills, qualifications, and experience that the applicant has, but is this always the case? Chances are, you may never know and can only speculate as to whether or not you have been overlooked because of your appearance instead of not being experienced enough to handle the position.

With the numerous surgical and non-surgical hair replacement procedures that are currently available, you can easily correct your hair loss issues so that you do not have to worry about [click to continue…]

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