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Hair Replacement

Surgical process of hair replacement

There are numerous nuances of hair replacement procedure that you are curious to know about but do not know where to ask. Most of the individuals contemplating the surgical operation have many questions such as: Where will be the surgery done? Are there different types of anesthesia that the surgeon will use? What will happen […]

Risk factors related to hair replacement procedures

As with any surgical procedure, hair replacement surgery entails numerous risks that must be clear to you before you actually go ahead with the procedure. The chances of things going wrong can happen during and after the hair replacement operation and includes infections, scarring and failure of the surgery. The worst that can happen is […]

Are you a good candidate for hair replacement procedure?

Even though hair replacement procedure can change the level of self confidence with a different appearance, but it is not necessary that you’ll look like your ideal. However, it is important to know all the pros and cons of the replacement of hair procedures and discuss your apprehensions with the surgeon. Though the basis of […]

Procedures for different surgical hair replacement grafting

Apart from the punch grafting technique, there are other hair replacement methods that use grafting as a method to re-grow hair on spots where there is thinning of hair. Grafting Though there are numerous types of grafts that are done for hair replacement procedure, basically the surgeon uses a scalpel and cuts a small section […]

Latest Innovative hair replacement methods

With a multitude of hair replacement products for topical application and surgical means in the market today for those suffering with hair loss, choices are many. In most cases, replacement of hair requires a certain amount of follicles transplantations that are taken from the donor area to be implanted on the patch of bald spot […]

Best Hair Replacement Surgical Techniques

With technological advancements in the hair replacement industry, more than a million people benefit each year from the innovative ways and surgical means. Hair transplantation techniques involve restoring hair that individuals may have lost due to medicines, diseases and hereditary reasons. Though there are numerous ways of replacing lost hair, surgically there are only a […]

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Hair Replacement Options for Women

Hair loss can be a very emotionally draining and stressful experience, especially for women.  It can take a serious toll on her, her family and her social life.  However, many women today have now turned to hair replacement procedures as a viable option and becoming increasingly more popular among female circles.  Replacement can oftentimes be […]

Selecting the Best Hair Replacement Option

There are a number of things that you will need to consider when you are selecting the right hair replacement procedure when you are attempting to correct ongoing hair loss.  What you want to remember first and foremost is that you should make every effort possible to find a replacement procedure that targets your personal […]

Thumbnail image for A Word of Caution About Natural Hair Replacement Remedies

A Word of Caution About Natural Hair Replacement Remedies

Hair replacement is no longer considered to be space age technology.  In fact, hair transplant surgery was originally performed over 70 years ago, the replacement procedure being developed and pioneered by Okuda, a Japanese dermatologist.  Oddly enough, and despite the different surgical procedures that are being performed today, there are natural hair replacement products that […]

When Should Women Consider Having Hair Replacement Surgery?

Hair replacement surgery has become a popular and universally accepted procedure for correcting lost or thinning hair in women.  Although this procedure was originally developed for the replacement of hair in men, women have now realized that hair replacement procedures can be beneficial for them, also.  So at what point in time should a woman […]

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