When Should Women Consider Having Hair Replacement Surgery?

Hair replacement surgery has become a popular and universally accepted procedure for correcting lost or thinning hair in women.  Although this procedure was originally developed for the replacement of hair in men, women have now realized that hair replacement procedures can be beneficial for them, also.  So at what point in time should a woman consider this option to correct the condition they are experiencing? There are a lot of factors that enter the equation.

Women are typically much more proactive about these than men and suffer emotionally from society’s harsh judgmental attitude about personal appearance, especially with women.  Additionally, most women are intolerant about losing their hair.  Her scalp is one of the most critical components of the image that she projects whenever they are interacting with others.  The last thing they want is for this to detract from their appearance and image.  So they oftentimes turn to having hair replacement surgery as the best option to correct their situation.

What you want to remember first and foremost is that hair loss not necessarily a sign of aging or experiencing menopause.  There are women in their 20’s and 30’s that are currently enduring the emotional and psychological pain of this issue.  In fact, a number of studies have revealed that 80% of women who are currently suffering with hair loss or thinning began experiencing the condition long before entering menopause.  Many issues are purely genetic, such as female pattern hair loss.

From the standpoint of heredity, if there is a long family history of this, there is a good possibility that you are going to suffer with the condition and will need to have a hair restoration procedure performed in order to correct it.  The bottom line is that you may be genetically predisposed losing your hair and not know this yet.  Make sure you consult with your physician about this.  However, you also want to be aware of the fact that genetics is not always the culprit where hair loss in women is concerned.

You also want to remember that hair loss is not always permanent and you may not need to have hair replacement surgery performed.  For instance, women tend to experience the condition during pregnancy due to all the hormonal changes going on in their bodies.  Once you have given birth, the condition subsides and the re-growth cycle starts again.

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