4 Questions To Ask your hair replacement Surgeon

Whenever you are considering having hair replacement surgery performed, you should do plenty of research about it and prepare a number of questions that you should ask the surgeon before agreeing to have the procedure performed.  Replacement surgery is an extremely effective and very popular option for correcting hair loss.  The hair replacement procedure is basically cosmetic in nature and the results will be viewable by others if you are out in public or in mixed company.

Most importantly, whenever you are trying to decide on a hair replacement procedure and are discussing consulting with the surgeon who performs it, be sure that you realize that your questions are unimportant or that you will be embarrassed.  Remember that this is your hair and scalp that you are attempting enhance with this particular surgical procedure.  Never feel intimidated about this when discussing the issue.  Being able to anticipate (reasonably) what the outcome of the procedure will be is what is critical.

We have listed some of the more important questions that you want to ask before asking any others:

  • Once I have had the surgery done, will it look obvious? Every patient who wants to undergo hair replacement surgery wants the outcome to be as unnoticeable as is humanly possible.  This is something you need to speak with the surgeon about during the initial consultation.
  • How long does it usually take to perform the procedure? In many instances, one treatment may be sufficient and you will be done.  However, in most cases and depending on the extent to which your hair loss has progressed, two or three procedures might have to be done.  Your surgeon can determine this during that initial consultation.
  • Will I experience any pain? The biggest deterrent with any type of surgery is enduring pain after the procedure is completed.  The same holds true with hair replacement surgery.  Typically, the surgeon prescribes mild painkillers and antibiotics for fighting off possible infection.
  • How much will the hair replacement surgery cost me? You should always share whatever financial concerns you have with your surgeon.  Fortunately, there are numerous hair replacement clinics today that offer financing for their patients.  Just remember that the price of any procedure is going to vary from one surgeon to the next.

Naturally, there are going to be other questions that you are going to want to ask the surgeon performing the procedure.  Just compile your list and make the 4 above the first ones on your list.

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