Rogaine For Hair Replacement

Rogaine is one of the most well known hair replacement treatments in the world. Many men turn to Rogaine when they begin to suffer from hair loss, but just how effective is Rogaine on its own? Is Rogaine a viable hair replacement treatment all by itself, or is it best used with other hair replacement treatments? We will look into the facts about Rogaine and see just how effective a hair replacement treatment it truly is.

The first thing that must be understood is that many people have different causes for their hair loss. This means that while Rogaine might be an effective hair replacement treatment for some, it might not for others. For example, Rogaine is marketed towards men in the regular form and Rogaine Extra Strength. Rogaine Extra Strength is absolutely not for women, and women are cautioned that using Rogaine could cause the growth of unsightly facial hair. This is because men and women have different reasons for their hair loss, and different body chemistry, therefore the Rogaine has a different effect between the two genders.

It has been determined that men are the primary market for Rogaine, but will all men have a successful hair replacement treatment in Rogaine? The answer is no, because much like how men and women are affected differently by Rogaine, different men are affected differently. There are many men for whom Rogaine will not be effective. Men who have been balding for over 10 years usually do not have good results with Rogaine. Similarly, men who are completely bald usually don’t find Rogaine to be an effective hair replacement treatment. This because Rogaine is only effective in what is known as the vortex area, the top of the scalp. Rogaine is not an effective hair replacement treatment for the sides and back of the scalp.

Now that we have determined the situations in which Rogaine is not an effective hair replacement treatment, we will look at where Rogaine is successful. Rogaine is most effective on younger men who have first begun balding. Since Rogaine only works for the vortex area, it has best results on men who are suffering from a receding hairline. Rogaine also grows more effective when there is some hair remaining in the vortex area. The success of Rogaine as a hair replacement treatment, even on men who fit the description just given, still widely varies.

Some men who use Rogaine do indeed begin to grow hair back in their balding areas, and can indeed have a full head of hair again. Others will grow some hair back, but the hair will still be thin and wispy in their problem area. Still others will not have continued hair loss, but they will not grow any new hair in their balding areas. These are all considered successful hair replacement treatments by Rogaine, but they are successful to very different extents. In the end, a person suffering from hair loss should see a dermatologist to see whether Rogaine or a combination treatment would be the most effective hair replacement treatment.

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