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Although many men consider hair replacement procedures, black men in particular may be wondering if any options are specifically tailored for their needs. After all, African American men have a different texture and volume to their hair than white folks, so they need to make sure that any hair replacement program they use will cater to their specific needs.

In some ways, black men may have more success with hair replacement than their other peers. The curly nature of African American hair creates the appearance of very dense, lustrous hair even if this is not necessarily the case. Hair replacement measures that would show little improvement in people with flat hair oftentimes will have greater success for patients with darker skin.

Also, styling products made specifically for African Americans are, in general, less harmful to the new hair than other styling products. The reason why black styling products interfere less with hair replacement is because many black styling products are made from natural ingredients, such as olive oil, whereas other styling products contain heavy chemicals.

However, there are other factors concerning hair replacement specifically for black men that require special attention. With an attentive hair replacement surgeon, these shouldn’t affect the success rate of your operation, but they may cause complications if your hair replacement specialist is not mindful of your hair’s special needs.

First, black people have hair follicles in more of a radial arrangement from the scalp than people of European descent, whose hair follicles are more in straight rows. This means that extra care needs to be taken with both hair extraction and hair replacement. The hair must be inserted and removed from the follicles at different angles.

Also, any black men who are interested in hair replacement will have to be up to the challenge of maintaining their hair after the hair replacement operation has taken place. As black men have more brittle hair than their peers, they must be cautious with the new hair implants.

Also, black men may experience some slight complications following hair replacement surgery, but overall these complications are not much to worry about. First, African Americans may have more difficulty from any scarring, as black men’s scars tend to rise during the healing process. Also, black men are more prone to ingrown hairs due to the initial coarseness of the hair as it pushes from the follicle.

However, as mentioned earlier, as long as your hair replacement surgeon is aware of these issues (which he/she should be), you shouldn’t experience anything out of the normal.

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