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Risk factors related to hair replacement procedures

As with any surgical procedure, hair replacement surgery entails numerous risks that must be clear to you before you actually go ahead with the procedure. The chances of things going wrong can happen during and after the hair replacement operation and includes infections, scarring and failure of the surgery. The worst that can happen is […]

Hair Replacement Applications and Rogaine Precautions

The options available for hair replacement have increased manifold especially when appearances are everything for men and women today. It is not only cosmetic but the loss or thinning of hair can affect the individual psychologically.  With non-surgical hair replacement techniques and products available, more people with thinning hair or balding issues opt for these […]

Problems and Price of Hair Replacement Procedures

Hair loss is traumatic at any age. However with advancements in technology, hair replacement procedures are sought after by a multitude of age groups that maybe experiencing the loss due to illness, accidents or specific compulsive disorders where the individual intentionally plucks away hair. Earlier the only solution was concealing bald spots with scarves or […]

Is Special Care Needed After Hair Replacement Procedure?

If you have been contemplating hair replacement surgery, optimized results from the procedure are on your mind. Your goal of achieving the best results can only be possible when you take special care and adhere to post operative instructions, as suggested by the surgeon or medical professionals is important.  Usually the surgeon informs you about […]

Surgical hair replacement remedies to consider

In recent years, there have been a number of technological advancements and other innovations in the hair replacement industry that millions of people have benefited from.  The most common replacement procedure is hair transplantation or grafting where small quantities of follicles are surgically moved from what is referred to as the “donor” area to the […]

Problems with hair replacement that can occur

Many people today have benefited from hair replacement procedures or non-surgical techniques when they are experiencing the balding process.  It’s no secret that losing one’s hair can be an emotional experience and one that negatively impacts a person’s self esteem as it evolves.  So they oftentimes turn to different non-surgical or surgical replacement concepts to […]

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What You Can Expect After Hair Replacement Transplant Surgery

After you have undergone hair replacement transplant surgery, there are recovery stages that follow on the way to successful results.  There will probably side effects involved with most replacement and transplant surgeries, but within a few months, your hair will look normal and there should be no evidence of having had the procedure done.  The […]

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What Are The Advantages And Disadvantages Of Hair Replacement Surgery?

Hair transplant surgery has been a viable hair replacement procedure dating back to the 1950’s when the procedure was first performed, much to the chagrin of the skeptics of that day.  This replacement technique is effective in the restoration of lost or thinning follicles and is now one of the more popular hair replacement options […]

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The Disadvantages Involved With Laser Hair Replacement Surgery

Although laser hair replacement surgery is one of the more recent techniques to become available where the replacement of lost and thinning hair is concerned, it is gaining in popularity all the time.  The procedure helps to eliminate the frustration and grief involved with hair loss.  However, there are still a few disadvantages or downsides […]

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Aftercare Instructions for Hair Replacement Surgery Patients

Whenever you are considering having a hair replacement procedure done such as transplant surgery, your goal is always the achievement of optimum results.  If this is your goal, there are certain post-operative instructions or procedures that you should follow whenever possible.  Normally, your hair replacement surgeon will give you a list of these instructions to […]

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