Best Hair Replacement Surgery Options For Women

long hairOver the past 20 or 30 years, hair replacement surgery or hair transplantation have become the most popular treatment for women who are searching for the best replacement procedure to replace their lost or thinning hair.  Because of the pressure society has placed on one’s appearance, women are more proactive about this issue then men are.  Another primary benefit for women is that a hair replacement procedure enables them to feel good about themselves and have better self esteem.

“Is hair replacement surgery the best option for women?” Typically, loss or thinning of hair is only experienced by older women who are going through menopause.  However, it can occur earlier in life due to genetic reasons.  In fact, it is not unusual to see some women in their 20’s and 30’s who are experiencing this emotional issue.  Women of all ages who are dealing with hair loss are turning to replacement procedures as the best option available for correcting the issue.

But is it the best option? This normally depends on the extent to which hair loss has progressed.  In many cases, your family physician or hair replacement surgeon that you are consulting may feel that you try the Rogaine that is formulated for women only because your condition has not gotten to the point where surgery would be the right option.  Determining the cause of the condition to determine what the best approach would be should be the first step your doctor takes.

If your family physician determines that your hair loss is genetic in nature, you will probably need to figure out what the best replacement treatment is and if it will correct your situation.  There are numerous factors involved that your hair replacement surgeon will take into consideration so they can determine the best option for you to pursue.  These are some questions they may ask you:

  • How old were you when you first started noticing the condition?
  • Are there enough healthy donor follicles available for transplantation?
  • What are your expectations regarding the hair replacement procedure?
  • Is their a family history of female pattern baldness in past generations?
  • What is the pattern of your hair loss and how far has it progressed?
  • Did you experience any positive results in the past with medical treatments that were used to retard the process?

Point 3 above regarding expectations of the patient is extremely significant where any hair replacement surgery is concerned because the individual needs to be rational about this as well as totally realistic.

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