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hair replacement technologyFor centuries, men and women alike have been concerned about their appearance.  It shouldn’t be surprising then why hair replacement procedures and techniques have become so popular.  Hair loss is a very real issue and a constant cause for individuals pursuing replacement procedures and surgeries to correct the issue.  Interestingly enough, hair replacement was not welcomed with open arms when the surgeries and techniques were first introduced to society.

Hair replacement surgeries and techniques were considered barbaric in nature in the beginning.  Thankfully, this is no longer the case today.  With the advancements and innovations that have evolved in the industry over the past few decades, many people who have undergone these procedures can now see their old selves when looking in the mirror.  Not only is this a physical enhancement for the individual who has been suffering with hair loss, it is also emotionally beneficial.

Today, there are millions of success stories involving those individuals who have opted for a replacement procedure to correct the condition they are suffering with.  It has proven itself as an effective, permanent, and safe way to overcome lost and thinning hair conditions while at the same time the scalp to a healthy looking state.  Doctors are able to restore follicles from the inside out using these different hair replacement procedures which is why the surgical options are highly recommended.

The typical procedure involves the removing of hair follicles from the donor area, which is typically the back of the head, and then transplanting them into the balding area in order to restore the hair line.  By doing this, there are never any issues with matching the hair during these types of hair replacement procedures.  Although there are non-surgical options for these procedures, they are not witnessing the success that the surgical ones typically do.

Two of the most popular non-surgical options are Propecia (Finasteride) and Rogaine (Minoxidil).  Propecia is available by prescription only whereas the topical Rogaine can be purchased over the counter and also comes in prescription strength.  Additionally, Rogaine is made two different ways.  There is a Rogaine for men and a Rogaine for women.  Of all the non-surgical products, these are the only two that come with the FDA’s seal of approval.

Additionally, Propecia and Rogaine are the only non-surgical products that have a positive track record despite that fact that it can take up to 12 months to see positive results.  Always consult with your family physician first before pursuing either surgical or non-surgical options.

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