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Not everyone interested in hair replacement wants to regenerate their scalp. Many Americans have suffered from hair loss in their eyebrows, interestingly enough. Hair loss in the eyebrows occurs in people who have experienced physical trauma, or have repeatedly plucked hair from their eyebrows over a long period of time.

Many people who undergo eyebrow hair replacement have either very little of their eyebrows left, or may need to adjust the symmetry of the two eyebrows. You may not think that eyebrow hair replacement is that important, but think about how often eyebrows are essential to understanding someone’s body language and how important they are for communicating.

In truth, the methods used for eyebrow hair replacement aren’t that much different than the methods used for regular hair replacement. Most of the time, a strip of skin and hair from a donor area is grafted onto the eyebrow. Some additional caution needs to be taken in the placement of the grafts, however. The hair replacement specialist needs to make sure that the two eyebrows are roughly similar and symmetrical to each other. If this is not attended to, the whole point of eyebrow hair replacement is lost.

Although the most of the eyebrow restoration procedures fall under the umbrella of “natural hair replacement,” some artificial methods have also prevailed. As time has gone on, some  folks with darker eyebrows have opted for eyebrow tattoo work. This isn’t how it might sound.

A very skilled artist is needed to stipple small marks on the eyebrow to give the illusion of a thicker, darker brow. Although tattooing is seeing more use in hair replacement procedures as time has gone on, it is especially on the rise in eyebrow hair replacement specifically. Of course, you’ll want to make sure that the tattoo artist has some background in tattooed hair restoration before you let someone inject permanent ink into your face. High quality inks must be used so the hair restoration effort is permanent. Otherwise, the inks will fade and you’ll just look tacky.

If you are interested in eyebrow hair replacement, be sure you’re interested for the right reasons. If you suffer from a psychological condition that caused you to pluck all your eyebrow hair out, you should probably address this issue with a therapist before seeking eyebrow hair replacement therapy. Otherwise, it’s quite likely that you’ll rip out all your new eyebrow hairs as well, which would just be a waste.

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