Hair Replacement Applications and Rogaine Precautions

The options available for hair replacement have increased manifold especially when appearances are everything for men and women today. It is not only cosmetic but the loss or thinning of hair can affect the individual psychologically.  With non-surgical hair replacement techniques and products available, more people with thinning hair or balding issues opt for these methods.

Apart from surgical replacement of hair, there are numerous topical applications that have known to benefit the growth of hair and are sought after commodities for both men and women alike.  However, with the benefits come some side effects that you need to consider before application. One of the most popular hair replacement topical applications includes Minoxidil or which is better known as Rogaine. It has proven to be effective for both men and women and is one of the most prescribed applications in non-surgical use. However, the most surprising fact remains that Rogaine was used as a medicine for the treatment of hypertension. Intensive research was conducted on the side effects of the medicine and it came out that there was lush hair growth in individuals being treated for hypertension. Thus, a new medicine, Rogaine (Minoxidil) for the treatment of hereditary baldness and thinning hair was introduced in 1980s. Initially it was only for men but constant good results led to its wide spread applications for women non-surgical hair replacement issues.

However, major fact was overlooked. Rogaine was designed for replacement of hair for those suffering from bald patches or thinning hair due to medical conditions such as chemotherapy, Alopecia and chemical application in hair styling. It was not created as a hair replacement topical application for better hair growth. Another fact that most people are unaware of is that the topical application has different chemical formula for men and women applications. The reasons behind it are that the causes of men and women baldness differ considerably. But the fact remains that if properly applied Rogaine is effective and has few side effects like dry or itchy scalp. These side effects can be resolved with using baby shampoo and cold water rinses.

However the precautions for the use of Rogaine include those lactating and pregnant women should completely shun the use of hair replacement topical applications. The fact remains that any chemical application on the sin is absorbed by the skin and transits into the blood stream. This in turn harms the unborn baby or those breastfeeding infants. In rare cases, heart and circulatory health issues have been noted due to the chemical absorption.

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