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Hair Replacement Costs and Dangers

The cruel sting of hair loss can almost be too much to bear. In the wake of modern technological advancements the idea of hair replacement has gained legitimacy. In the past the only option for anyone was concealment. This is no longer the case. The procedures available to today’s consumer are tried and tested with […]

The Risks of Hair Transplantation

There are many risks that must be taken into account when considering hair replacement through hair transplantation surgery. As with any surgery, there are a variety of things that could go wrong during and after a hair replacementreplacement surgery, including failure of the surgery, infections, and scarring. One of the worst results that can occur from […]

Pros & Cons of Hair Replacement

If you are considering undergoing hair replacement surgery, you should definitely do your research and think about it deeply before jumping in head first. Make a list of pros and cons based on your own feelings, the opinions of those you trust, your doctor and whatever information you uncover as you study up on the hair […]

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