Problems and Price of Hair Replacement Procedures

Hair loss is traumatic at any age. However with advancements in technology, hair replacement procedures are sought after by a multitude of age groups that maybe experiencing the loss due to illness, accidents or specific compulsive disorders where the individual intentionally plucks away hair. Earlier the only solution was concealing bald spots with scarves or hats but now they want the real thing. The procedures that are available today have been tested with success, but dangers still loom.

However the dangers and obstacles about doing something significant to cure hair loss may require serious consideration. Not only the benefits and disadvantages seem confusing but at every step, there are risks involved. So before you actually go ahead and start on the hair replacement procedure, ask yourself if the procedure is worth the risk involved? Thus, it is best to research more about the associated costs and dangers of the surgery procedure.

Before you think that there is no other way to deal with hair loss, think again. There are different methods apart from hair replacement that can help. Counseling can play a major role in establishing the need or reason for the individual’s decision about hair replacement. This can help you avoid associated risks apart from saving money. However even after that if you decide to go ahead with the hair replacement procedure, and then seek all the information about the total cost, risks, after procedure care and problems that may crop up. The basic three treatment patterns include:

  • Human hair replacement cover: A gateway procedure that relies on a specifically customized covering to camouflage the hair loss. It is crafted from human hair and is customized as per the individual’s requirement. It is a technological advancement on the traditional toupees or wigs. This covering is attached to the scalp with an adhesive but it may be detected by others due to the individual’s conscious behavior. The price range differs according to the quality and style and may range in hundreds to a few thousands of dollars.
  • Surgical replacement of hair: It requires a decent amount of surgery and needs pre-surgical visits with the surgeon. A careful analysis is needed to ensure that the recipient will have a successful hair replacement procedure as per the reason of hair loss. It is mostly done as an out-patient program. The price ranges from few thousands of dollars to tens of thousands of dollars.
  • Topical treatments: These are the cheapest and most debated hair loss treatments. The numerous drug based hair growth treatments are only available on prescription in drug stores. The price ranges from few dollars to few hundred dollars depending upon the drug.

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