Are you a good candidate for hair replacement procedure?

Even though hair replacement procedure can change the level of self confidence with a different appearance, but it is not necessary that you’ll look like your ideal. However, it is important to know all the pros and cons of the replacement of hair procedures and discuss your apprehensions with the surgeon. Though the basis of all hair replacement procedures focus on the re-use of existing hair and the surgeon looks at the best options.

Before the procedure can begin, the surgeon will evaluate the hair growth on the sides and at the back of the scalp which serve as donor areas. The surgeon will take flaps of skin or grafts of the scalp from the donor areas to transplant them on the balding patches. The results of the hair replacement procedure cosmetic effects are affected by textures, waviness and hair colors. Though there are a variety of techniques used in the replacement surgery sometimes, the surgeon may use two or more techniques to get the desired effect. Some of the common techniques include:

  • mini-grafts
  • punch grafts
  • micro-grafts
  • slit grafts
  • strip grafts

These are some of the common techniques that are done on patients requiring modest to a complete head full of hair. Additionally, some of the other techniques used in replacement of hair procedures are tissue expansion, flaps and scalp reduction. These are for people who require more advanced changes and dense hair growth. But it is not 100% certain that anyone with a requirement for hair growth does not qualify for this procedure. People with little hair on the scalp may be refused this surgical procedure.

Risks of hair transplant procedures

Though most of the surgeries related to hair transplants are safe when conducted by experienced surgeons, but people are still at risk of infections and slow healing. Additionally, even with the best surgeons, no one can predict the outcome completely. The highest risks that a surgery where hair is being replaced can be blood loss and noticeable wide scars on the scalp due to the scalp reduction procedures.

Other risks include rejection of the grafted skin tissue or the tissues die and the procedure maybe repeated.  There have been instances when the patchy look has resulted due to the surrounding areas balding faster than anticipated.

If you are worried about the hair replacement procedure you intend undergoing, consult an experienced surgeon and evaluate your chances of success with this technique.

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