Latest Innovative hair replacement methods

With a multitude of hair replacement products for topical application and surgical means in the market today for those suffering with hair loss, choices are many. In most cases, replacement of hair requires a certain amount of follicles transplantations that are taken from the donor area to be implanted on the patch of bald spot on the scalp.

With innovative techniques and advancements of surgical procedures, each of the hair replacement procedures has its own advantages and disadvantages. Here are the top techniques used in replacement of hair for men and women in recent years.

Cutting edge NeoGrafting technique

One of the latest techniques in replacement of hair surgeries, NeoGrafting uses the state of art NeoGraft Transplant machine which selects the donor hair follicles and extracts it to implant them on the required scalp region of the recipient. The main advantage of this surgical procedure is no suturing, stapling or use of the scalpel.  Although there is minor scarring on the specific transplanted area there are no linear scarring as in other traditional methods of hair replacement surgery.

FUE procedure

Follicular Unit Extraction or FUE is one of the latest replacements of hair procedures that are being used all over US. It is one of the most talked about and advertised procedures in today’s times. Oftentimes just termed as FUE transplantation, it involves relocation of tiny quantities of healthy hair follicles from the healthy scalp areas to the portions where thinning or balding patches have appeared. However, the only disadvantage or after surgical effects includes ‘shock loss’. This happens usually within the first 10 days after the complete procedure has been undertaken. Nearly all of the hair or majority of the transplanted hair falls out but it is not an abnormality and individual need not worry. However the transplanted follicles take root and the new hair grows back within the next 2-3 months and continue to grow back normally.

Strip harvesting

This hair replacement technique is commonly practiced and is one of the most popular methods used in replacement of hair. The donor follicles are harvested from the area and transplanted on the recipients scalp. However this procedure uses scalpels to remove strips of healthy hair bearing tissues. The tissue is them dissected into smaller segments before transplantation takes place. The only disadvantage is scarring and should not be considered by individuals with short hair.

With a host of available choices, having replacement of hair procedures is fairly easy and effective.

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