Hair Replacement Costs and Dangers

The cruel sting of hair loss can almost be too much to bear. In the wake of modern technological advancements the idea of hair replacement has gained legitimacy. In the past the only option for anyone was concealment. This is no longer the case. The procedures available to today’s consumer are tried and tested with a margin of success. This makes the prospect of doing something about hair loss a serious consideration. Weighing the pros and the cons is only part of the battle; the details of each procedure can lead to dilemmas. The question must be answered: is having the chance to have hair again worth any risk associated with a potential procedure? It will warrant taking a closer look at hair replacement costs and dangers.

To be sure there are ways to deal with hair loss outside of hair replacement. A person who is willing to hand over their wallet and their lives to any procedure should look into why they want to change their appearance. A responsible person should analyze the factors that are contributing to their decision to seek out treatment for hair loss. Counseling can help a person decide whether or not they truly want and need hair replacement, thus saving money and avoiding any risk. If the decision for hair replacement remains a strong driving force then education on the costs both hidden and visible, of each procedure should be carefully evaluated.

The first treatment that many consider the “gateway” procedure would be a hair replacement system. This is technically a covering that is specially tailored to the recipient to comply with the type of hair loss they are experiencing. The systems are made from real human hair that is carefully matched to make a seamless transition. The hair replacement system is then adhered to the scalp via adhesive. The newer systems are miles away from standard old wigs and toupees as technology has allowed for advancements in this arena. Detection is always a concern with this option mainly due to the recipient’s self-consciousness. The cost of such a system begins in the low hundreds and can soar into the mid thousands.

The second treatment is the most invasive and the procedure that is considered the “gold-standard” of hair replacement. Surgery for hair replacement is a medical procedure requiring several pre-procedure visits with the surgeon. These visits will determine the type of hair loss being experienced and whether the recipient will be an ideal candidate for a successful procedure. The risks involved with the treatment are that of any surgical procedure, though most of the treatment is performed in an outpatient environment. Costs range from the mid thousands to the tens of thousands.

The third treatment for hair replacement is the most cost effective but also the most controversial. Medication and topical treatments for hair loss have been on the market for decades. These drugs are offered as both over the counter and with a prescription. The effectiveness of these medications is highly debatable due to the fact that individual results vary widely. Costs are between $30 per dose and several hundred depending on dosage.

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