The Risks of Hair Transplantation

There are many risks that must be taken into account when considering hair replacement through hair transplantation surgery. As with any surgery, there are a variety of things that could go wrong during and after a hair replacementreplacement surgery, including failure of the surgery, infections, and scarring.

One of the worst results that can occur from hair replacement surgery is an unsuccessful surgery. An unsuccessful hair replacement surgery can mean a number of things. One failure is when the transplanted hair follicles die. This means that there will be no new hair growing in the are where surgery was performed. Hair replacement surgery can also result in hair growing back in patchy and random patterns. In both of these cases, another hair replacement surgery is required. Having multiple hair replacement surgeries greatly increases the chances of something going wrong.

Another complication that can occur with hair replacement surgery are infections. Whenever someone has surgery, they run the risk of getting an infection. Despite doctors taking every precaution to sterilize their tools and the operation room, the body is in a weakened state during and immediately after a surgery, leaving it susceptible to infection. Infections can be particularly dangerous during hair replacement surgeries, as the infections are in the head and very close to the brain. Such infections can spread and cause serious problems if they occur.

Scarring is another risk of hair replacement surgery. Scars can occur in the areas where hair has been transplanted to or the areas where hair follicles were taken from. The scars can ruin the look of any hair replacement surgery and are one of the worst results that can be seen. The only way to fix the scars is with more cosmetic surgery that would have many of the same risks as hair replacement surgery.

While these risks can be intimidating, they do not mean that hair replacement surgery isn’t a good option. The best way to cut these risks down is to make sure the doctor performing the hair replacement surgery is well qualified, experienced, and has a proven track record of success. When considering a doctor for hair replacement surgery, make sure they have a history of successful surgeries and before and after pictures to look through. Make sure all of the before and after pictures are taken from the same angles, in the same conditions, and with the same background. Picking a good doctor to perform a hair restoration surgery can greatly decrease the chances of any complications occurring from the surgery. A good doctor will make sure their patient isn’t susceptible to complications from the surgery, prescribe antibiotics to prevent infections, and they have enough experience to make sure the hair replacement surgery is successful.

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