Pros & Cons of Hair Replacement

If you are considering undergoing hair replacement surgery, you should definitely do your research and think about it deeply before jumping in head first. Make a list of pros and cons based on your own feelings, the opinions of those you trust, your doctor and whatever information you uncover as you study up on the hair replacement process and how it can affect you over the short and long term. Sure, if you have the money, you could just go down to Hair Club for Men today and get started and go blindly into the process hoping for the best. But you didn’t just get bald today, did you? It was a process over time – and you deciding you were finally tired of being bald was a decision that you arrived at over time, wasn’t it?  So why would you rush into the actual action itself before really thinking it through?

Hair replacement is by no means to be taken lightly, so start making your personal list of pros and cons of going through with it today. Why do you really want your hair back? Is it to make other people like you more, to feel more confident, to get noticed by girls, to get a leg up at the office or just because you like the look of having a full head of hair as opposed to not.  Just like every scalp is different, so is every person and so your list will be specific to and related directly to your life experience and where you are at in the present time in your life. You don’t want to start getting your head carved up just to realize it was a silly whim because of some fake girl you thought you were enamored with and didn’t even care about you as a person. You may find, after you’ve made your list of pros and cons and taken some time for serious contemplation that you don’t even really care about being bald and are happy just as you are. You need to love yourself and be okay with yourself inside and out, with or without hair first and foremost, before you can ever be at peace or satisfied on this earth. And no piece of carpet or hair can change that if you are truly, deeply unhappy with yourself, the world or life itself.

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