How long does hair replacement (transplant) surgery normally take?

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A brief word about hair transplantation surgery

For men and women alike, transplant surgery has become a very effective and popular procedure for hair replacement.  Whether male or female, the loss or thinning of hair can be emotionally devastating and many people today have pursued a number of different replacement methods or procedures to correct their condition.  However, the key difference between these other hair replacement methods and transplant surgery is that the former can take months or even years before the results are noticeable.

During this procedure, healthy hair is removed from the back of the head and then transplanted to the front of the scalp where the loss or thinning normally occurs.  With men, the back and the sides of the scalp become replacement donor areas and the follicles in this area are referred to as donor dominant hair since it continually grows throughout the course of the person’s life.  Additionally, transplantation surgery usually does not halt or reduce the growth cycle of the follicles.

How long does the surgery last?

It is difficult to pinpoint an answer to this question as the length of time involved will vary from one individual to the next as well as from one surgeon to another.  If the surgeon needs to perform hair replacement surgery over a large area of the scalp, the procedure can last up to 12 hours.  If it is only a small area in question or a section by section procedure, the surgery could be completed in as little as 2 to 4 hours for each section of the scalp involved.

In addition to this, if the hair replacement surgery is conducted on a section by section basis, there could be numerous follow-up procedures involved over a period of several weeks.  Where heavy hair loss and thinning is concerned, the replacement procedure could take several months in order to complete the entire process.  Again, remember that no two individuals are alike where this issue is concerned and the extent of the loss or thinning will determine how lengthy the entire process may or may not be.

Other options that are non-surgical in nature

On a closing note, if you are unwilling to undergo hair replacement surgical procedures, there are a couple of non-surgical options that you may benefit from such as taking Propecia or applying Rogaine to the balding scalp areas.  However, these could take months or even years to show signs of noticeable results.

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