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Losing your hair can be a disheartening experience. It can lead to low self-esteem and, in some cases, even depression. There are options available to help you replace the hair that you lose. These options range from natural treatments to surgical procedures, but for millions of people, it is worth the effort just to have their hair back. Results tend to vary depending on each individual situation, but for most, even small improvements are better than none at all.

Sorting through the hype and the scams to get to the honest treatments that have a chance of working is not easy. The following list of blogs contains useful information about different methods of hair replacement options to help you make your decision.

  1. Hair Growth Blog – The latest information about treating hair loss with laser therapy.
  2. Scarless Hair Restoration Options – Informative post about options for restoring your hair surgically.
  3. Hair Loss Treatment Blog – Information about hair prosthesis for irreversible hair loss.
  4. Hair Loss Treatment Options – Discussion of surgical and laser treatments for hair loss.
  5. Female Hair Loss Options – Information about female hair loss, including causes and treatments.
  6. From Bald to Bold Blog – Useful blog with information and videos on treating hair loss and the various options.
  7. Tips to Ward off Hair Loss – Short post with tips on ways to treat and avoid hair loss.
  8. DermHair Clinic – Discussion of a breakthrough in hair replacement called the Umar procedure.
  9. Hair Plugs Guide – A detailed guide to everything you need to know about hair plugs.
  10. Hair Loss Treatment – Brief discussion on various treatments for hair loss.
  11. Common Treatments for Hair Loss in Women – Information about hair loss treatments available for women.
  12. Naturally Obsessed – Information and video on an alternative option for treating hair loss with a tattoo.
  13. Hair Loss Treatments – Information on various prescription and surgical hair loss treatments.
  14. Black Hair Loss/Thinning – Useful tips on hair loss treatments for black hair.
  15. Megan Fox Notes – Discussion of treating hair loss with hair plugs.
  16. Hair Plugs vs. Hair Follicle Micrografts – Comparison between the two hair replacement procedures.
  17. Hair Necessities – Information about permanent and semi-permanent attached hair pieces for hair loss.
  18. Hair Growth Guide – A guide to hair loss treatment products and procedures.
  19. Options for Hair Loss – Informative look at surgical and non-surgical hair loss treatments.
  20. Dr. Leonard’s Blog – A doctor provides information on hair loss treatment options.
  21. Seager Blog – Informative blog dealing with the latest hair transplant information.
  22. Non-Surgical Hair Replacement – Information and video about hair replacement without surgery.
  23. Hair Replacement – General information about hair loss in men and women and the possible treatments.
  24. Hair Loss in Men and Women – Information about hair loss and treatment options available.
  25. Hair Loss Treatment Options – An informative look at several advanced hair loss treatments.
  26. Dr. Jones’ Hair Transplant Center Blog – Informative blog written by a doctor detailing his hair transplant.
  27. Lack of Baldness – Discussion of the importance of nutrition to help hair grow back.
  28. Rapid Hair Loss Treatment – Discussion of whether or not a hair transplant can be used to treat rapid hair loss.
  29. Hair Loss Remedy – Information about herbal remedies for treating hair loss.
  30. Propecia – Information about the hair loss treatment, Propecia, and reasons why you should avoid taking too much.
  31. Female Hair Loss and Transplants – Information to provide a better understanding of hair loss in women and hair transplants for women.
  32. How to Convince Your Husband not to Shave His Head – Information about men’s hair loss and treatments available to avoid the frustration of hair loss.
  33. Hair Transplant: How Is It Done? – Detailed look at the procedure of a hair transplant.
  34. Hair Replacement Options for Men – A look at the various options available to treat hair loss in men.
  35. Hair Loss and Treatment – A doctor’s blog discussing hair loss and the various treatments.
  36. Solutions for Hair Loss – Variety of information on hair loss and treatments.
  37. Hair Regrowth Treatment – Discussion of cures for baldness and if they are scams or not.
  38. What to Do If You Lose Your Locks – Information about hair loss and things you can do to prevent and treat hair loss.
  39. Female Hair Loss Treatments – Informative look at hair loss in women and possible treatments.
  40. Male Baldness Treatments – Information about several treatments to combat baldness in men.
  41. Children’s Hair Loss – Discussion of stem cell treatment to treat hair loss in children.
  42. Hair Loss Products – Information on what really works and does not work in the market of hair loss products.
  43. Hair Loss Treatments – A guide to various hair loss treatments and prevention, including home remedies for hair loss.
  44. Stem Cell Baldness Cures – The latest information on the use of stem cells to combat baldness.
  45. Hair Loss Treatment – Information on hair loss and the medication and procedures to treat it.
  46. Medical and Natural Treatments – Information on all treatments for hair loss, both medical and natural.
  47. Herbal Tincture for Hair Loss – Useful information on an herbal remedy for hair loss.
  48. Hair Loss Treatments – Information on hair loss treatments for women.
  49. Mold Causes Hair Loss? Vinegar as a Cure? – Interesting look at mold as a possible cause of hair loss and using vinegar as a treatment.
  50. Women Hair Loss Treatment – Information on hair loss in women and potential treatments.
  51. Eleven Tips on How to Cure Hair Loss in Men – Eleven potential and natural cures for hair loss in men.
  52. Male Pattern Hair Loss – Useful information on the causes and treatments of hair loss in men.

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