Hair Replacement and Self Esteem

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There are many reasons people seek out methods for hair replacement to restore their hairline, but the overwhelmingly common reason is due to self-image. A huge number of hair replacement patients often cite a perpetual and all-encompassing embarrassment with their lack of hair. They believe that their peers, coworkers, and family will judge them unless they successfully complete a hair replacement program.

The lack of self esteem exhibited by many hair replacement patients is usually the result of social stigmas against balding people as well as pressures from the media. Although balding characters and balding celebrities are becoming more commonplace, most of the stereotypes of balding men and women in the media are not at all positive. This often causes the hair replacement patient to become sensitive about their hair loss. This is especially the case for female candidates for hair replacement surgery. Even children who need hair replacement may suffer from self esteem issues stemming from their hair loss.

In truth, it is possible to experience hair loss without following any hair replacement program and still have plenty of self esteem. If you can make peace with your hair loss, you probably don’t need to undergo hair replacement surgery. If you do believe that hair replacement is essential for you to recover your self esteem, you may want to still consider some aspects of the hair replacement process.

First, your desire to use hair replacement surgery to bolster your self esteem might be clouding your judgment about the overall hair replacement process. Many people who are the victims of shady hair replacement clinics rushed into the process without carefully evaluating the options available to them.

Likewise, many people may assume that hair replacement is going to be an instant cure to their self esteem woes. This is not true. Many people start the hair restoration process with unrealistic expectations of the results. If the hair restoration effort doesn’t work, or doesn’t look absolutely ideal to the patient, the low self esteem usually doesn’t go away. In some cases, an unsuccessful hair restoration attempt may even lower your self esteem further. It’s important to think about your hair restoration plans logically and realistically.

Also, quite a few hair replacement patients discovered that their self esteem issues run deeper than just their hair loss. This is especially the case with many middle aged men who are interested in hair restoration. Hair loss is itself a symptom of a larger problem, usually concerning the anxiety and self doubt that comes with growing older.

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