Hair replacement for women-statistics regarding female hair loss

Although hair is not as common in women as it is with men, there is still a need for many women today to undergo hair replacement surgery.  Suffice it to say, the reasons are oftentimes very gender specific.  For instance, men are more prone to genetic maladies such as male pattern baldness, whereas women are affected by hormonal changes later in life.  A replacement procedure can benefit men and women alike, so it is important to learn all you can regarding the type of hair replacement procedure you want to have done.

Although most professionals will tell you that men’s hair loss is more prevalent than women’s, it is still a problem where women are concerned and needs to be addressed.  Here are some statistics regarding women’s hair loss to be aware of:

  • roughly 25% of women in the US suffer from lost and thinning hair
  • although the reasons for women losing their hair stems from genetics and heredity, there are other reasons involved such as illness, poor nutrition, and stress
  • the most scientific reasoning for women’s hair loss involves hormonal imbalances, specifically with estrogen levels
  • anemia, blood toxicity, and even childbirth can result in the loss or thinning of hair because of how certain minerals and vitamins in the body get depleted in the process
  • harsh hair styling chemicals and how one wears their hair can result in loss and thinning

No matter what the reason is the cause, women can benefit equally as well from the right hair replacement procedure as well as men can.

You have to also consider why these issues are so emotionally devastating to women compared to men.  We live in an oftentimes harsh society that is controlled by a person’s appearance.  For this reason, the condition of a woman’s hair and skin carry equal weight where their appearance is concerned.

Regarding the last point above, the braiding or pulling of hair into the style that you want to achieve is something that can quickly necessitate hair replacement surgery if it continues over a long period of time.  Additionally, perm and styling solutions are extremely harsh chemicals that can easily damage the follicles and eventually result in chronic hair loss and thinning.  So it is wise to avoid braiding or pulling the hair back into a ponytail as well as having it permed too often.

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