Hair replacement can correct hair loss in women as well as men

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Like it or not, women place more of a value on their appearance than most men.  This is especially true where hair loss or thinning is concerned.  Fortunately, hair replacement surgery works as effectively for women as it does with men.  Hair replacement surgery techniques are more costly than other types of replacement methods that but there are two certainties where this is concerned.

These surgical procedures provide you with a more natural look, unlike what you would normally experience when using most hair replacement systems such as hairpieces, toupees, or wigs.  Additionally, this type of surgery produces quicker results than using prescribed medications such as Propecia which has to be taken daily, or a topical like Rogaine which has to be applied daily.  Once the surgery is completed, it’s done.

Hair loss in women oftentimes stems from the same causes that can affect men and certain surgical replacement procedures can correct this.  These causes include:

  • Alopecia Arcana – excessive hair loss stemming from diabetes, fungal infections, hormone changes, medications, and stress
  • chemotherapy and radiation – causes temporary hair loss and replacement surgery may or may not be necessary
  • nervousness resulting in pulling out the hair and forming bald patches
  • Traction Alopecia – caused by a variety of hairstyles involved tight pulling or weaving including braids, “corn rows”, or pigtails that cause stress to the follicle as well as scarring that results from the use of harsh chemicals used in styling

There are several surgical replacement procedures available to today but the two most commonly performed ones are the transplanting of hair grafts or scalp stretching.  Small grafts are taken from specified scalp donor areas and then transplanted into the balding area.  Scalp stretching involves removing the bald skin surgically and then stretching the nearby skin, which is still covered with hair, over the portion of the skull where the skin has been surgically removed.

Prices for hair replacement surgical procedures are normally determined by the number of grafts that are used to complete the surgery.  On average, it takes roughly 1,000 of these, but that is not a strict rule of thumb.  The more grafts that are required, the more costly the surgery tends to be.  Fortunately, there are a number of hair replacement clinics today that do offer financing for this type of surgical procedure.

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